Your visit left lasting impressions on everyone who was a part of the deliberations in the music therapy workshop you led in Bangalore in 2007. None of the participants were fluent in English, but it did not matter because the spoken language was music!

The feeling, the experience, the significance of silence and the power of music will remain in our memories for all time. Its therapeutic applications were well elaborated by Joe Moreno - a name that rings a note in everybody's heart wanting him back again and again!

Doctor Hema Divakar, Artist

Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer

Bangalore, India

As coordinator of two workshops with Joe Moreno I can honestly say that this was a great experience that enriched the students and myself. Making a deeper connection with music therapy and psychodrama should be essential for all who work in this area. The use of music facilitates the warm-up process for the therapist and gives added strength to the protagonist.

Marcia Pereira Bernardes, Locus Partner, Florianopolis, Brazil


Joseph J. Moreno, Professor Emeritus of Music Therapy, Maryville University-Saint Louis, and Director of  the  Moreno Institute for the Creative Arts Therapies in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, was invited to present in Calcutta, India from July 19-21,2007. He conducted a two and a and half day workshop program titled "Acting your Inner Music: Music in Psychodrama and Individual and Group Psychotherapy" at the auditorium of the American Center, Calcutta.


The program was inaugurated by Mr. Moulik D. Berkana, Assistant Public Affairs Officer of the American Center. Several distinguished persons of the city attended the inaugural ceremony. The program was attended by psychologists, psychiatrists, musicians, dramatists, special educators, guardians of children-in-need, NGOs and students in large numbers. Due to capacity restriction, many interested participants could not be accommodated. The American Center sponsored the program in a great way. Prof. Moreno's presentations which included both PowerPoint lectures and practical demonstrations were superb. The total program enlivened all the participants and was highly informative.  The city has never observed such an event. The overwhelming response from the participants was equally inspiring for the organizers. It engendered considerable enthusiasm in music therapy and psychodrama to such a degree that Rabindra Bharati University of the city since decided to start a new major for the  Performing Arts Therapies (Music, Dance and Drama) at the university, the first program of its kind in India.


Professor Moreno was also invited by the Psychology Research Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute and the Medical College & Hospital in Calcutta to speak before psychologists, researchers, physicians and students  on the efficacy of music as a therapeutic intervention. Incidentally, both  of these institutions are the  oldest educational and research institutions in the whole of Asia and are recognized as national institutes of excellence.


All the programs were organized by the Step One Foundation, a registered non-profit organization in collaboration with the American Center and other institutions.


Anjan K. Basu, Executive Secretary

Step One Foundation for Child and Youth Welfare

Calcutta, India

Joseph Moreno presented his bright workshop in Moscow in September 2008. Joseph demonstrated to Moscow psychodramatists and other psychotherapists, how many new possibilities a creative therapist can find for his work integrating music to psychodrama and group therapy. Participants of the workshop observed, that music is very helpful to establish communication and understanding, especially, when by some reason there are no words for expression. As Joseph shown us, it is so natural to use music in problem situations together with dance and arts - and world healing traditions, described by Joseph, affirmed this.

Thank you Joseph, we learned and experienced very important things during your brillant workshop. We look forward to host you in Moscow again.

Darya Grymova, Director General

Psychological Center "Aquatoriya"

Moscow, Russia

Professor Joseph Moreno is an internationally recognized expert and teacher of integrative music therapy and music in psychodrama. He is also able to share his unique anthropological perspective on the creative arts therapies, drawn from his own worldwide field research and providing a truly multicultural view.

For these reasons the University of Ljubljana has invited him as a guest professor to present 4 workshops, over the last 10 years for the Postgraduate Course of Arts Therapies Education. We are delighted to cooperate with Professor Moreno, and very much appreciate his teaching and working methods.

His workshops have been very fruitful for all of our students (in music, dance-movement, drama and visual arts therapies), and for other participants, because of the deep experience these workshops have provided in developing their intra-personal and inter-personal relationships ,as well as the new knowledge gained from Moreno's own methods.

The contributions of Professor Moreno in helping the ongoing development of realizing arts therapies education in the State of Slovenia have been very important, not only for the goals of developing arts therapies education and practice, but also for providing approaches to non-violent conflict resolution and peace education which are so critical in our time.

Doctor Breda Kroflic, Associate Professor
Postgraduate Arts Therapies Education
Faculty of Education

University of Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia

On April 24-25, 2005, a special course "Acting Your Inner Music: Music and Psychodrama and Group Therapy Processes" was presented by Joseph Moreno in Salamanca, Spain. It was co-organized by the Salamanca University and The Spanish Psychodrama Association. It took place in the cloisters, a beautiful room in the historical building that houses the university.

A significant number of people (63) attended, creating a good working environment throughout the week's course. They collaborated well in the content proposed by Professor Moreno; this allowed for a wide range of possibilities, both theoretical and practical, in the use of music, dance and art, within the context of psychodrama, which demonstrated just how this multidisciplinary focus increases the potential for personal growth, preventative measures, therapy and educational purposes. It was an enriching experience from professional and personal perspectives. The feedback from those who took part was excellent, underlining above all that the course exceeded their expectations.

Joseph Moreno's personality was a special factor in the success of the workshop.

All of this positive feedback makes us grateful to the organizers whose efforts in planning the course have been deemed worthwhile.

Ana Maria Fernandez Espinosa
Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing
Psychodrama Director
Vice-President, Spanish Psychodrama Association
Lecturer, Professional Training in "Remedial Health and Support"

Maria Dolores Perez Grande
Doctor of Psychology
Family Psychotherapist
Professor, Faculty of Education, Salamanca University

Professor Joseph Moreno presented in Barcelona in March 2000, sponsored by the Catalan Association for Music Therapy, and in February 2004, sponsored by the Master's Music Therapy Program of the University of Barcelona.

The participants, primarily music therapy students, were captivated by the subjects and Professor Moreno's personality. He knows and communicates the essence of music therapy and psychodrama, which is rare, and is a true innovator in the integration of these two disciplines.

After the workshop the students had a different vision about the way to apply music therapy. His ideas are full of creativity, innovation and humanity. This is music therapy.

Serafina Poch Blasco, RMT
President, Catalan Association for Music Therapy
Scientific Advisor, Master's Program in Music Therapy
University of Barcelona, Spain

Joseph Moreno gave two workshops in Bulgaria, in 1994 and 2002. Thanks to him, Bulgarian society realized the establishment of music therapy in our country, making it popular, and leading to the formation of the Bulgarian Association for Music Therapy. Professor Moreno, with his authority, competence and charm, attracted many specialists from the community of psychology, music and medicine to pursue further education in this field. As a result, we call him the "father" of Bulgarian music therapy.

Liliya Achtarova, Chairperson, Bulgarian Association for Music Therapy

It was in 1997 that Joseph J. Moreno was first with us in Turkey for the annual Bergama Asclepion Congresses.Healers then made use of music, dance and dream works. In the magic atmosphere of the ruins of this ancient city, we psychodramatists and psychotherapists have come together in this annual congress since 1984. From then on, he participated many times as a lecturer and group workshop director with his extraordinary knowledge and expertise in music therapy. Bergama Asclepion is an ancient city that was first built in 500 B.C. for the sale of the god Asclepios.

Joseph became many times the voice of the whole group with the music they produced in their small groups. Every year many participants expressed that these workshops helped them realize the free expressions of their inner worlds, enabling them to become more spontaneous and creative. Many protagonists solved their relational problems as well as inner conflicts. It was an honor for us to host Mr. Moreno.

Dr. Inci Doganer
President, Dr. A. Ozbek Psychodrama Institute
Organizer, Bergama Asclepion Congresses

The Peruvian Music Therapy Association organized its Second International Workshop of Music Therapy in Lima, Peru, May 2002, which was attended by over 100 participants.

Those who attended were eager to learn and enjoyed the innovative program in music and psychodrama presented by Joseph Moreno, which was enriched by his field research into the world traditions of music and healing and its connections to his work in music and imagery. The workshop was creative and interesting. Peruvians had awaited this workshop for a long time and were gratified to work with Mr. Moreno, a fellow music therapist and friend.

Jessy Vargas, Master of Rehabilitation and Health
Music Therapist and Music Educator
President, Peruvian Music Therapy Association

Professor Moreno visited Finland from October 20-23, 2003. Because many people already knew about him and his activities, it was easy to find a group of people interested in this course. We were music therapists, teachers, art therapists and other health professionals.

Although not all the group members were musicians, it was amazing how easy it was for them to participate in the workshops and demonstrations, without any feeling of being poor or imperfect with only minimal musical skills. This was, of course, based on the supportive way of working as well as the long-standing experience of Professor Moreno.

The interesting lectures included such topics as "The Role of Music in the Holocaust," "The Musical Savant Syndrome," "Music and Traditional Healing," and much more. The students really made the most of the music and psychodrama demonstrations and enjoyed an exciting experience in exploring music therapy and the blues. The feedback we received from the participants later on was very affirmative.

It is my pleasure to warmly recommend Prof. Moreno's courses for everyone interested in the topics of his expertise.

Professor Jaakklo Erkkila
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

The Guam Institute for the Expressive Arts Therapies Conference theme, "Promoting the Expressive Arts Therapies in Healing, Education and Wellness had the honor of having Professor Joseph Moreno conduct a workshop in music therapy. Mr. Moreno has created vision, passion, and understanding of the many facets in music therapy. With a glimpse into the many uses and applications of the art of music, the community of Guam experienced for the first time how music heals. Guam's youth were so excited about their experience that they actually requested to write evaluations of their experience.

Attendees expressed a deeply felt sense of the power of creativity. Mr. Moreno evoked passion, purpose and meaning with a glimpse into the many applications of music.

Guam is a culturally and linguistically diverse community steeped in cultural traditions and beliefs. Mr. Moreno demonstrated his ability to learn and apply these cultural traditions with the utmost respect. We here on Guam have truly been blessed by Mr. Moreno's journey to Guam. The community of Guam welcomes Mr. Moreno to return with his tremendous love for music and translating that into a language of the heart.

Kathryn Davis-Finch, Registered Art Therapist
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Project Director, Guam Institute for the Expressive Art Therapies

On July 22-24, 2003, Prof. Joseph Moreno gave seminars and a workshop on "Exploring Music Therapy in Healthcare" for the Faculty of Psychology, University of Surabaya, Indonesia. This may have been the first music therapy seminar and workshop in Indonesia and was attended by more than 150 participants from many parts of the country.

Participants were from multidisciplinary backgrounds such as doctors, psychologists, nurses, social workers, music teachers and students. The participants benefited from the valuable presentations given by Prof. Moreno and hoped for a continuation of this program in the future.

Johana Natalia, Department of Clinical Psychology
Faculty of Psychology, University of Surabaya
Surabaya-East Java, Indonesia

The workshop in Prague was very valuable. I think your way of teaching is very interesting because it is so multicultural and so I think that the Czech participants learned a lot to apply in their work. After your workshop we had requests for you to repeat or continue in teaching.

Your work here was instrumental in inspiring several attendees to write on music therapy or start professional associations related to music, drama and music therapy in the Czech Republic.

Dipl. K. T. Beate Albrich
Fokus Praha, Association for Mental Health Care

Professor Joseph J. Moreno is a long-standing collaborator of the Department of Motoric Disturbances, Chronic Diseases and Art Therapies at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Professor Moreno participated with his lectures and workshops at the International Symposium, "Art and Science in Life Potential Development," which takes place biannually in the beautiful interior of the oldest folk theatre in Europe and at the Amfora Congress Centre on the island of Hvar, Croatia.

Professor Moreno published his works both in English and Croatian and takes part in the postgraduate studies at the University of Zagreb, giving lectures and workshops on music in group therapy and psychodrama. These topics represent a synthesis of interdisciplinary and holistic approaches and are highly interesting to the participants of such gatherings.

Prof. Dr. Miroslav Prstacic
Head, Department of Motoric Disturbances
Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Zagreb, Croatia

We had the chance to invite Professor Moreno for a workshop in May 2004 to the Pedagogical Academy of Liepaja, Latvia, the only Latvian institution of music therapy training. He held lessons on music therapy related to indigenous traditions of music and healing as well as self-experience in the area of music and psychodrama. All the participants from the High School staff and students were impressed by the deep understanding of music therapy as a human resource for healing processes as it was presented by Professor Moreno. The didactic clarity and variety in his presentations would convince anyone of the big impact of his approach. We will be glad to see Professor Moreno again in Latvia to complement our music therapy education.

Dr. Reiner Haus, Project Leader of Music Therapy, Latvia

I participated in the seminar of Professor Moreno at a time where I had to deal with difficult struggles in the realm of my family. My husband had been abroad several times, over many months due to his job with a shipping company. I and my two children were at home alone, not knowing how to arrange a family life without a husband or a dad. There was little time available to talk and to understand each other and a decreasing intimacy and lack of trust had developed. The seldom times when he came home, we both had to recognize that meanwhile there were other women who played a larger role in his life than I did. Related to this background in my private life, I decided to participate in the self-experience part of the psychodrama and music workshop.

This deep experience of music as a reflection of my personal life situation provided me with tremendous help to make a decision and how to take the next steps which had to be taken. I could hear the sound of my present situation and of my own future and how I wanted to make a new reality. This experience became a key for my survival.

Angela, Music Therapy Student, Liepaja, Latvia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much indeed for your contribution to our onboard Lecture Program. It was a pleasure having you on board. I look forward to your return.

Bob Haines, Cruise Director, Queen Elizabeth 2


Joe Moreno has been a lecture/workshop presenter at our international events in Montreal. Everyone thoroughly appreciated his work and the manner in which he shared some of his vast knowledge. Joe Moreno's sensitive and creative manner, added to his brilliance, humility and experience, resulted in a very special occasion at all the events where we were fortunate enough to have him with us.

Marilyn Rossner, PhD, EdD
Vice President, International Institute of Integral Human Sciences
Founder/President, Spiritual Science Fellowship, Montreal, Canada

Joseph J. Moreno, the nephew of Jacob Moreno, founder of psychodrama, held a workshop with the title Acting Your Inner Music at the Alps-Adria University of Klagenfurt, Austria, in March, 2003.

Moreno is Professor Emeritus and former director of the music therapy program at Maryville University in Missouri. He is a pianist and therapist, as well as a trainer of music therapy who integrates interdisciplinary and ethnomusicology perspectives in his work. He is famous for the new combination of music and psychodrama.

We were an open group with seven students and three faculty members, who participated in the workshop and that relatively small number of participants allowed for very intensive work with Moreno.
In a musical psychodrama enactment, one of us was the protagonist. She explained a conflict situation in her life. Moreno told her to show us the two parts of her conflict with her chosen musical instruments. She had the possibility to integrate each of us with our instrument. She showed us how to play, how long and how loud, so she was the conductor of her conflict-music song. Moreno confirmed her in the situation; he stood behind her and sometimes gave suggestions. She separated the two points of conflict, which were represented by two different sounds and local separation. Then she placed herself in between the two points of her conflict. The music surrounded her new way of judging the situation. As the last step, she climbed on a chair to have more distance between her problems and told us that she felt better now.

It was so interesting to make experiences with this new form of psychodrama because at the university I learned so far only about classical psychodrama. The therapy was really interesting and a deeply moving experience for each of us. It was like theatre, but more real, because the play was supported by the extra element of our own music. I think the combination of music with the psychodramatic way of explaining a situation is more real than the verbal-only way, which is used in most therapies.

Moreno led us very well and it was easy to have confidence in this. Everyone I talked to was enthusiastic about the workshop, and I hope that it will be possible to organize it again.

I think having the possibility to attend such a workshop gives you a deeper understanding of real therapy, not only as a theoretical approach, and I am grateful that I had the possibility to participate in this workshop.

Dr. Michael Wieser, Assistant Professor Mag.
Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt, Austria
Fakultaet fuer Kulturwissenschaft
Institut fuer Psychologie
Abteilung fuer Klinische Psychologie, Psychotherapie und Psychoanalyse

In spring 2004 the Music Therapy Center of the Conservatory of Music in Beijing invited Joseph Moreno to present a 3-day workshop focusing on his special work in music and psychodrama. About 120 participants attended, including psychologists, medical doctors and music therapists from mainland China, as well as from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

This was the first introduction of music and psychodrama in China, and Moreno did an excellent job in bringing this experience to the participants. After the warm-up process, a 40-year-old woman was selected as protagonist. Her personal issues centered around her trauma from a divorce experience. She expressed a great deal of anger on the musical instruments that were provided and was later supported by the music of the auxiliaries, which she modeled for them. The psychodrama created an astounding atmosphere that moved the audience so deeply that few could keep from tears!

The protagonist was not the only person to benefit from the session, as it also helped the other participants to explore their own personal resources from deep within their hearts.

Moreno enabled the protagonist to move from her obsessive focus on her past trauma towards a more hopeful visual of her future. It seemed somehow magical that this woman was able to move from her painful shadow and start to look to a new life in a session of just 2 hours work.

Professor Tian Gao
Director, Music Therapy Center
China Conservatory of Music
Beijing, China

Joseph Moreno presented a workshop in Stockholm, Sweden in April 2004 titled Acting Your Inner Music: Music in Psychodrama and Group Therapy Processes, which was sponsored by the Swedish Psychodrama Association and the Association of Swedish Psychodramatists.

The participants included both psychodramatists and music therapists who were deeply inspired by the topics that were so relevant to their interests. The power of the combination of music and drama techniques effectively brought forward deeper dimensions in the therapeutic process.

Judith Teszary
Psychologist and Psychodrama Director
Stockholm, Sweden

We want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your workshop. The Schools Music Team and the Blind School Project have given very positive and grateful feedback and were really proud to have received your certificate.

The Music Therapy Department also feels that we have learned a lot in your workshop, and we want to thank you for having given us the chance to share in such a big experience. We would be delighted to have you present another workshop in Mostar. Thank you very much.

Patricia Braak, Meg Toon, Ellen Lindau
Music Therapy Department
Pavarotti Center

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Mr. Moreno's workshop really stimulated the imagination of students and faculty at Chaoyang University of Technology. The three days we spent learning from and exchanging ideas with the professor have opened all of our eyes to new approaches and the possibilities that exist in the world of music therapy. We all found this to be a delightful, extremely valuable program and look forward to Mr. Moreno's presence at our university in the future.

Liza Lee, Assistant Professor

Department of Early Childhood Development & Education
Chaoyang University
of Technology

Joseph Moreno presented a workshop for the Graduate Art Therapy Counseling Department at Ursuline College in October 2004. The workshop began with an excellent Friday evening lecture attended by more than 70 persons.

Twenty students participated in the following 2-day workshop, which was engaging and challenging. The participants viewed spectacular cultural images and shared in experiences of creating their own personal imagery. The participants were also involved in intense and deeply moving psychodrama sessions and enjoyed work with movement and instrumental improvisation.

This workshop was very interesting and informative, and the participants were much impressed and moved by the total experience. Joseph is a delightful, skilled and personable presenter whom we would welcome back in the future.

Gail Rule Hoffman, Chair
Diane Meros, Faculty
Graduate Art Therapy Counseling Department
Ursuline College
Pepper Pike
, OH

We had great expectations when we contacted and finally invited Joseph Moreno to present a workshop in Santiago, Chile, in the period November 26-28, 2004. We knew this would be a special event. Therefore we made extra efforts to find just the right setting in which we could listen to his words, see him in action, and fully follow his ideas. We also sought to find the best translator, one that could do more than translate the words, but also convey their emotional message, and in this we were successful in finding just the right person.

The theoretical and practical parts were equally interesting, involving and well-structured. I was astonished by how few instruments were needed to fill our hearts with emotions that made a deep impression. Although this was a workshop rather than a formal therapeutic encounter, the group was still deeply involved. The music, the workshop director and the receptive group lent this workshop a very special touch and atmosphere.

I am convinced that our music therapy students who participated will always appreciate the luck they had to have participated in this program with Joe Moreno during their formative years of study, as well as for some outside participants. For these persons it was their first music therapy encounter, and I'm sure they left impressed by the effectiveness of music therapy.

Thank you very much, Joe, for your contributions, and we will be glad to have you back again in Santiago whenever it will be possible.

Doctor Susanne Bauer
Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies in Music Therapy
Department of Arts
University of Chile

One music therapist that believes it is important to tap into the power of thousands of years of ritual and ceremonial practice to speak to contemporary health needs is Joseph Moreno, Director, Moreno Institute for the Creative Arts Therapies in Santa Fe, NM.  By promoting multiculturalism and interdisciplinary efforts between medical science and music therapy, Moreno has been one of the few voices in the USA that has made space for this interesting line of inquiry since the 1970s.  It may be his persistence and insistence to view traditional music and healing practices in the context of medical interest -- not just in the realms of medical anthropology or music -- that contributes to a renewed, grass-roots interest in drum circles.


R.T. Eady, M.Ed, NCC

Director, Quest Ed. Foundation

Cologne, Germany